Section 8 Project Based Voucher Program

Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher Program: KHA’s Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher program are units and property owned and operated by Kennewick Housing Authority (KHA).  KHA administers and is federally funded under its Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher Program by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with Voucher rental assistance (subsidy) that is ‘attached’ to the unit, meaning, if a tenant vacates the unit, tenant is not able to take the assistance (subsidy) to another rental unit.  KHA has six (6) Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher units at one (1) housing development in Kennewick, WA. Units are 2 bedrooms, 100% ADA accessible and allocated to “disabled households only”.

KHA is a “Tobacco/Smoke-Free Housing Authority” and under KHA’s Tobacco/Smoke-Free Housing & Workplace Environment Policy States:  “Smoking or tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on KHA properties, including but not limited to apartments, single family dwellings, grounds, common areas, offices, maintenance facilities, non-residential buildings, vehicles, etc., “except” where KHA has established a designed viable smoke area for a housing development”.  KHA’s Section 8 “Project-Based” Program (Mitchell Manor housing development) does not have a viable designated smoke area, smoking or tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on this KHA housing development property.

KHA’s Tobacco/Smoke-Free Housing & Workplace Environment Policy

Location of KHA’s Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher Program Housing Development:

Mitchell Manor:  2 bedrooms, 100% ADA multi-family units in Kennewick, WA


Program Overview and Leasing: When KHA has available unit for leasing, KHA will offer the unit to an applicant who name and placement is near and top of the waiting lists, and who meet final eligibility criteria for admissions.  Unit size must meet KHA’s Occupancy Standards per household size. KHA will issue a “one time offer”, if applicant accepts the unit offer, KHA as the landlord/owner and tenant will enter into a KHA Dwelling Lease meeting standard provisions under Washington State Landlord Tenant Laws and other applicable lease provisions established by KHA. KHA will calculate tenant’s rent and subsidy amounts; tenant rent must not exceed 40% of the household’s adjusted gross monthly income.  Tenant will pay their monthly tenant rent directly to KHA as the landlord/owner (to KHA’s assigned banking institution) and HUD issues the subsidy payment (Housing Assistance Payment – HAP) directly to KHA as the landlord/owner of the assisted property.  All tenant household members who are 18 years and older must sign and date all appropriate program paperwork regarding tenant rent, program responsibilities and obligations for program participation.  Annually, KHA will assess each tenant’s household income and conduct a unit HQS Inspection to ensure eligibility and program compliance.

How to Apply for Section 8 “Project-Based” Voucher Program:

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