Records Requests

KHA is currently updating its public records request policy.  Due to the COVID-19 virus a portion of the applicable RCW has been temporarily waived.  Since KHA is no long open to the public, requests to inspect public records in person will not be possible at this juncture.

Submitting a Request:
A party wishing to make a request for public records should obtain a “Request for Public Records” form from KHA. This form should be filled out and submitted to the Public Records Officer of KHA.

Requests to inspect or copy public records maintained by KHA must be in writing, however if an individual refuses to complete the form provided by KHA, access will still be provided and the form will be filled out by KHA staff in order to document the access.

Within five (5) KHA business days of receiving a public record request KHA will respond by either
1) Providing the record;
2) Acknowledging KHA has received the request and providing a reasonable estimated time required to respond to the request or
3) Denying the request.

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